Atoms of Fashion

Scholarship Foundation


Setting the foundation

Atoms of Fashion believes in establishing effective support systems for our youth in the community. It is evident that there are factors that play a role in creating barriers for our next generation to prosper and become successful.

However, we do not see this as defeat. We see this as an opportunity to build breeding grounds for our innovators and to help them develop strategies and create projects within our community.

Atoms of Fashion plays a huge role in giving back, with past successes i.e. it's generous donation to the Sickle Cell Association of Ontario, AOF continues to give back.


One of the many plans of AOF, is to create a scholarship to aid outstanding students who are faced with financial challenges when it comes to their tuition. According to Statistics Canada, undergraduate students in Ontario ($8,114) paid the highest average tuition fees in 2016/2017.*

That's a increase of 3%  from the previous year and will most likely continue to increase in the future. With the help of scholarships, students can feel at ease and focus more on being an excellent pupil and maintain a positive attitude towards learning.



the gift of education

What a honour it would be to give our next generation the financial relief they will need to continue a higher learning! Atoms of Fashion is excited to launch our very first Scholarship program to help outstanding students who can prove they are in financial need. Your contributions help us give the Gift of Education to our youth and make a difference in their lives that will be unforgettable. DONATE NOW

Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future
— Nelson Mandela

*Statistics Canada."Tuition fees for degree programs,
2016/2017".The Daily.2016-09-07.