Atoms of Fashion Entrepreneurship Scholarship Application

Please complete the form in full to be considered. We will not accept any applications later than August 15, 2018 11:59 pm EST. Qualified recipients will be notified by email and followed up with a phone call within one week of the scholarship deadline. All required documents should be submitted to with applicants full name and student number.

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*If you would like to include photos, please send to with your name clearly stated and student number.
Please describe your main areas of interest and your proposed career path highlighting any current or past activities that demonstrate your motivation and potential in fashion & art business or in international business with an environmental or sustainability focus. (Max 600-700 words)
Please state the business you would like to start and describe your goals and intention for growth of your start up business, and how you plan on giving back to the AOF community (500 words)
A clear, scanned copy of your official transcript(s) from all post-secondary institutions (e.g. university, college, fashion school) attended, including the most recent academic term. Transcripts must include detailed information on the grading system specific to your institution. We reserve the right to request the original, hardcopy transcript. We strongly recommend applicants order a recent transcript from their institution well in advance of the application deadline. Please submit to with your name and student number.
Your resume should include any experience abroad (work, study, internship), as well as any professional experience, volunteer work and extracurricular activities and memberships which demonstrate your interest for international business or in international business with an environmental or sustainability focus. Please submit to with your name and student number.
Academic/Employment Reference Letter
You must include a reference letter from either a professor/ instructor at your current educational institution or from your employer.
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I have read and understood all the requirements including the notice of collection, use and disclosure of my personal information. My signature attests to my consent to the indirect collection, use and disclosure of my personal information, agrees to the terms and that my declaration is complete and true. I understand that any fraudulent or misleading statement may result in disqualifying me from being considered for this scholarship.
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If you would like to download the AOF ESA application, click on the download button below. After completing the application please scan the full application including necessary documents and email it to us at