Atoms of Fashion

Scholarship Foundation

Setting the foundation

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Atoms of Fashion believes in establishing effective support systems for our future designers in the fashion community. It is evident that there are factors that play a role in creating barriers for our next generation to prosper and become successful.

However, we do not see this as defeat. We see this as an opportunity to build breeding grounds for our innovators and to help them develop strategies and create projects within the Toronto Fashion scene.

Toronto, North America's fourth-largest city, is well on its way to developing a dynamic fashion culture all its own* and we continue to support this statement. Starting off with the forefront of fashion, our designers, creative directives, models and fashion artists- who continue to study trends and introduce the world to influential style and aesthetic attire.  We want to encourage the creative desire of this new generation and embark the opportunity for them to become successful entrepreneurs.


Let us help you pursue your passion!

Atoms of Fashion plays a huge role in giving back, with past successes like it's generous donation to the Sickle Cell Association of Ontario, it continues to give back but this time it's close to home. We are excited to introduce the first phase of our project which is the AOF Entrepreneur Scholarship Award (ESA) which will be received by two graduate students of Fashion and Art. We believe that this is our little way of making an investment into the lives of these young fearless minds with the world at their feet to explore.  Starting with us helping them on the pursuit of owning their line of business and the courage to stand and push to achieve greatness in their fields of interest.

If you would like to contribute to our fund and help deserving students attain their goals, you can donate and receive a complimentary AOF Scholarship t-shirt. You can also find us at various events this year raising awareness and mentoring graduate students within the Toronto Fashion community.