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Featured designers: Rhonique Ballantyne/Queenie Jayne/Sebastian Styles

"Be the Designer of your own Destiny"

                                                                               Oscar De La Renta



We are excited that among many, you have chosen to be apart of this year's Atoms of Fashion 2018. We provide graduate designers a platform to showcase their newest collection and incorporate seasoned designers in the Toronto fashion industry. We are committed to set a high level of brand exposure for your collection, drawing hundreds of potential buyers and fashion enthusiasts, as well as connecting you to brands and partner's within the industry and their consumers.  Atoms of Fashion will be responsible for model castings and the final preparation of each model including hair and make- up. We look forward to seeing you on the runway!


*Our online application is now closed

Featured designer: Nana Bediako

Featured designer: Nana Bediako